can i have more that 3 layers in photoshop please?

hooray! i finally got a new laptop. on the right is what i took to korea 7 yrs ago. at the time it was top of the line and cost as much as this new macbook pro. It had 800mhz processor, 256 mb of ram and windows 98. It even had a removable floppy drive and dvd player(could'nt even burn dvds!) i cant believe i even did some of my illustrations on this a few years ago. it ways approx. 53 lbs. It only powers on about twice a month. anyway i glad to be rid of that virus filled danger box. now i have a 2.4 mhz intel core duo macbook pro with 2 gb ram and wireless and dvd burner. I am going to buy a 24 inch monitor while in china so i can really get to work. Yay no more wondering if the file will even save and if im going to cry myself to sleep! more product comparisons to come!


Karol said...

Oh technology..... i need me a new one too! my piece of plastic is acting strange on me!

Anonymous said...

Macs suck Jason... you could have bought a much nicer PC laptop for the same price with much more power and reliability. OK now guess who wrote this.