My Chinese language age is upgraded from fetus to toddler!!!!

I don't know anything about babies so I don't know which one of these guys is older or if that thing on the right is even a baby but you get the analogy i'm trying to make right?

I took Korean class at SUNY Albany for 2 semester before I went to Seoul. From what i gather the Japanese program there was serious but not Korean. I was 20, i think none of us were serious, thusly I learned nothing and arrived in Korea like a newborn baby.......a hideous newborn baby. I literally couldn't say anything upon arrival. This time around I'm trying to make a better effort. The dialect spoken in Beijing and the north is Mandarin which is also the national language. I recently completed Pimsleur's Mandarin I and II!!! that means 60 audio lessons completed! Now i just have to complete level III which means 30 more lessons. My goal was to complete all 90 lessons by the time I leave but that is not possible now because i only have 7 weeks left at this point and I also am retarded. Now in reality it looks like these first 60 lessons are the equivalent of 4 chapters in a beginners Chinese book so that means i'm at a toddler's level now. I'm taking a "chinese conversation" class at FIT now and at least all of this audio has helped my listening and pronunciation. I guess i would recommend pimsleur to people. I have it on my ipod and listen to it on the subway, i probably look crazy whispering to myself all the time