Canisteo, New York

So this is the first actually travelling done on this blog. I went upstate to my parents house in Canisteo, NY for my grandmother's funeral this weekend. In spite of the glum circumstances of the visit I was still able to take some photos. This post is pretty much all about bob and why shouldn't it be? i mean look at the guy's swagger.

I took the bus to albany and drove further upstate with bob in his mercury sable(a high performance vehicle for those that don't know). This is basically what all of upstate NY looks like, this is also pretty much the color pallette you can look forward to. Below is a shot of some local which you will see a lot of this even on the edge of the highway. Now if you are feeling a little skeptical to as if there is in fact an infant in that stroller or just garbage your skepticism is not unfounded. It's about a 50/50 chance. Pretty inspirational.

here is a shot of one of my parents new puppies, they were born on "Planet Cute". They are newfoundlands.

Now here is a "money shot" if i ever saw one. Just look at the majestic stature of bob and beast. Both at full attention milliseconds away from bounding down into the valley to wrastle with a bear that has challenged their territory. long ebony hair flowing against a perfect crisp blue sky. He is also very fashion forward. The overall muted colors of his ensemble are divinely complimented and not overpowered by grey ear muffs and mud slogging boots, both of which are enough to drive man and woman alike into a heated frenzy.

it's kind of embarrassing but we live next to a sheep farm.

these two were butting heads for a while, probably fighting over who would win the age old battle to mate with Bob.

and as if Bob couldn't get any sexier he went and got a haircut.

a shot of the valley we live in and some deer


Karol said...

it looks great iduno why you're so depressed when you're up there. looks really relaxing to me, it's good to get out of the city.

Oh and bob... a total stud, i totally see why you're obsessed with sketching him.