Diddlin' Around

SPAM musubi in preparation for another Hanami picnic this time in Prospect park amongst the Magnolia trees because this spring was cold and bad for cherry blossom time.
gold star beer counter after then barbes after that

A Jenny bowl, dduk gook (rice cake soup)

spring was really cold again and we didn't transplant the seedlings outside until April 21st and even then the goya and cucumber and some pepper plants died from the cold.
this cherry tomato from last year sprouted on its own.
those @$#$@#  squirrels hid these acorns and now there's two oak trees growing in our garden.

the lettuce greens all look super sad but they actually pulled through eventually

a trip to the chinatown below sunset park and we saw this delicious sounding burger joint.

a plate full of salt and pepper like pork chops, duck, and the laowai's vegetable plate with none of the leaves and all the stalks whilst tables of chinese diners had leaves. The salt in the wound was that it was still delicious. Our plate of duck wasn't the best cuts either but still delicious.

Bartlett and I rode to the new studio of Colossal media in Bushwick, through the Hasidic Jewish neighborhood on the first day of Passover and they were doing Biur Chametz (burning of the bread) because all leavened products must be destroyed to make households ready for Passover

the plastic bag trees around brooklyn are in full bloom

last year's green onions seemed like they weren't gonna get any bigger so we harvested them all and they have a nice different flavor, maybe these were all the Kyoto variety we planted and not the american ones.


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