HarvestFest at Raishland

HarvestFest at Raishland was suggested by my dad so we jumped at the chance to have another annual Raishland adventure.
first thing that happened when we got out of the minivan was BOOM cormac got bartlett's hat.

I rented a minivan from Laguardia airport which sucked going to pick up and drop off and we made it to Canisteo in time to throw these tin foil dinners into the fire

it started raining so we had a little pow wow in the party tent

harvest time. and segways

Our heirloom Northern Spie apples
after a few hour we had enough for 48 gallons of cider!

trying our 1 yr aged cider from last year, was kind of a little too alcoholic tasting and maybe tasted better after 2-3 months.

waiting forever to get our apples pressed at Lain's Cider Mill. We waited all day.

great cider donuts.
Mom stayed with the apples while we went down the road to cider creek to have a drink

a bunch of people wearing dusters and chaps and boots came in to cider creek and we all thought they were weirdos and lame but then we went outside and saw these horses and realized that they were the real deal horse riding and then they became super cool

Mary in the passenger's seat was trying to keep it together but kept giving side eye and being suspicious so I had to make her get out of the vehicle and put her paws on the hood.
finally our turn

i left a beef jerky stick in the car and the door open and some scamp of a dog got in there and made a mess!
We sent the crew home in the minivan so they could do archery etc while Jen and I stayed to get 48 gallons of cider made. This minivan had some new camera tech where it shows an overhead view like there's a drone flying over the top of the car. How do they do that?!

the archery setup. Later Cormac would bark at the pumpkin endlessly not knowing what it was.

mom found this letter we wrote negotiating for higher pay

drying out the tents. Also on this trip JB gunned it in the 4 wheeler and that caused steven to tumble out the back and one of JB's fireworks also exploded at Steven and Jen's feet. Jen said if we were kids that Steven's mom would say he's not allowed to play with JB anymore.

Steven claims this is a well known thing that Mc'Donald's bags are used to create a private eating space but maybe it's just cuz he worked at McDonald's in new castle as a boy.

not great fuel economy in the minivan.