New Beginnings

one of jenny's breakfast bowls

Someone trying to make NYC brownstone life and the adventure life work

since this photo was taken there have been multiple iterations of the Mizuna mustard greens springing to life only to be beaten down the and extra long winter.
March 1st seed planting time

helped bob move up to 151st, sugar hill in Harlem and we ate Mexican after

gross michelada.

5 gallons of pale ale and 5 gallons of session ipa


Gucci using illustration for a huge campaign.

score!  found this hanging planter in front of the same building i found the trellisses and other gardening garbage.

made from Kimie's laser cutter

as a young person i never knew pork shoulder was so cheap

braised this guy in a bunch of Korean stuff like deonjang, gochujang, ginger, garlic, soy sauce.  t'was a tasty experiment.

used this stand mixer i inherited from my mom for the first time to make korean pulled pork bao buns.  could be better and look better but it was just with whatever i could scrape together.