Return of the Kock

Last year Van Der Kock said let him know if we do a 4th of July party again and I did and he actually came from London for 10 days.
Van Der Approve he does not, Van Der Don't he suggests.  We went the brooklyn craft beer tour and hit 3 out of 4 before we met up with Eugene and Lale and went to Eugene's roof and drank way too much additional beer.  turns out he lives 4 blocks down the street from us.

why the sour face guy?

looks like it could be Spain but it's 5th ave and sterling place, brooklyn.

3 friends.

the hype is real, Pok Pok NY is delicious.  It's a michilin starred Thai restaurant in the Columbia waterfront that's not horribly expensive to eat at.


various rices

under the manhattan bridge

i didnt give bob this tiny umbrella on purpose

first tomato ended up showing up on the "better bush" hybrid plant.

I really wanted to like Mok Bar brooklyn but it's OK Korean food.  Maybe we'll give it a second try because it seems to be the closest quality Korean food.

making progress.