Wintertime Activities - Part 2

So here's the record player we landed on, it costs a lot more but its better quality and won't slowly damage the records.  The Orbit by U-Turn Audio, customized with a walnut plinth, acrylic platter, cue lever, Ortofon OM5E cartridge needle.

decoupled motor and exposed drive belt

Ortofon OM5E cartridge

this cue lever is sweet, it gently lifts the arm up and down so there's no needle dragging across and scratching because of your big clumsy hands.  totally worth the add-on

I gathered up my troops (Jen and Steven, Bob was sick as usual) bought a sled (much to Jen's chagrin) and marched over to Prospect Park.  These kids lost all their velocity going over this ramp on their flexible boogie boards and kind of oozed over the top with their young backs conforming to the shape and contour, my 36 yr old back would be broken in half.

the site of the most extreme sledding that happened in Prospect Park last year, but this time there wasn't enough snow for us to get ultra gnarly again.

don't be scared lil' buddy

hangtime.  I've learned that you get what you pay for in the world of sleds, I bought this at the hardware store for $15 or $20 and it sucks really badly.  The neon orange sled of our childhood was thick sturdy plastic and fast.  Next year I will be prepared!

at the end of the day we walked past this 4 set of stairs and I said we have to make something awesome happen or else today was totally lame.  we went to work packing in some snow on the side and eventually I went down all 4 flights and everyone was super stoked and high fiving and pumping their fists in the air (no one was and it was just Jen and Steven and they just laughed at me).

at the flat mid section at the bottom of each flight of stairs your bottom just gets rammed each time.

Steven can't control a sled at all so that lead to hilarity

Stevers clings on for life like a little bat from Jason Raish on Vimeo.

Stevers roommate Pat's going away party, Anthony and Roxy