Shootin' Stuff - Day 3

WWI 1903a3. We shot the M1 carbine last time that spit the shells out

rifles hurt a tiny bit.  Shotguns, they REALLY hurt

hot @$$

so this super old shotgun dad got from his uncle hadn't been shot in forever and was using shells just as old.  it kicks so hard and really hurts.

after a morning filled with shootin' stuff we went to Keuka lake for lunch and to Racine's and McGregor's wineries and had a swell time

in the middle of a big strip mall area

adding on a dinner at Denny's that few people needed made us get back home at 11:30pm.  It was Steven's first time at the American institution of Denny's and now he knows better.  He concedes that he would go back if on a road trip again.  He did upgrade to the bacon cheddar tater tots unprompted afterall.