#MERALD - Endless Weekend

Sunday came but the party and relaxation and consumption of alchohol did'nt stop.  It was an endless weekend.  No one wanted it to end.

Oh hello girls

i couldn't decide which photo best exemplified how much I wanted bob to just stop touching dogs all weekend.  just wait, there's more.

The Olsens

Lobster Roll! photo stolen from Jen, sucker!

I was lounging by myself off in a corner and I heard a soft voice from behind me over the fence.  It was bob.  The house cleaner wasn't coming for some reason so we had to clean the whole house.  Bob was asking me if would help him strip all the beds down.  I said "No, nope, don't feel like it".  Bob slowly receded and went away to do it by himself.  hahahahhaha.  Bob was like the house mom for the weekend.  He distributed waters to everyone during the parties and in the mornings.  He got everyone into bed.  He couldn't stop cleaning things.  I did eventually help clean the house and washed a ton of dishes and stuff.  I also want to clarify something that bob took credit for but was actually me who did it.  My one good deed for the weekend.  After our super schwasted night after the wedding reception I crawled and scrapped downstairs and got bottles of water for Matt and Bob and put them by their beds for when they woke up.  Everyone assumed it was bob and he had no problem taking credit for it.  All other 168 good deeds were done by bob though. 

Time to pack it up dudes

all the Hamptons weekenders waiting for the train back to Penn Station.

why so tall Olsens?

the party continues on the LIRR.  All the left over alchohol was brought on the train and Cori was our own personal bartender.

Love this photo

see that?  that's all bob carried the whole day.  a canvas bag with nothing but a little dog in it.  and he had his little mitts on it the whole time.  I had to carry all his sh!t, and my stuff and jen's stuff and everyone else was carrying a lot too.  It was so hot and sweaty and heavy.  I wanted to kill him but it was #MERALD good times so I didn't.

and the party continued some more on the Olsen's rooftop in Brooklyn and onward.  But finally it was over.  thanks for the best weekend ever #MERALD

inside joke.

lobster roll sunburn

they say all good things must come to an end.  That's kind of true.  That's it for the #MERALD weekend but just the beginning of fun times.  See you ladies soon in New York!

#MERALD - The Grill Gatsby

The next day was the Grill Gatsby 1920s Great Gatsby themed BBQ and party at the manor.  for most of the day it was hangover time for many people, including myself.  Jet lagged, I woke up super early which made things even more awesome.

early at the pool

I feel you Cori, i'm dying and hate the sun right now also.

Mel gave Jen and I the task of decorating her Tee-Pee.  I'm guessing a tee-pee was one of her requests, I didn't ask I just said yes ma'am and then Jen, the art director, bossed me around and i said yes ma'am some more.  With a hangover that's all I could do.

Gucci the dog

it's huuuuge

Bob was talking about this lavender lemonade all day and I was like sure bob i'll believe it when i see it.  He's so lucky that they for some reason had a sweet electronic juicer.  Here he is getting all dramatic, like what am I supposed to do with these lemons?  Make lemonade bob make lemonade.  He asked if I would help him squeeze some lemons and I was like "No", i'm busy drinking beer.  Actually maybe that's why he's throwing his hands up.  Anyway I came back later just as the lemonade was finished and offered my help but it was already done.  hahhaha sucker bob.

Nice job ladies keep it coming!

and since when did Naveen make these "so good i'd punch a baby in the face for one of these" cupcakes and such?  A good friend would know that Naveen is an aspiring pâtissière but, you know, what am I supposed to do?

The beautiful Leung sisters.  The elder Leung on the right just got married recently too.

Bob's Lavender lemonade with freshly harvested lavender.  Nice job bob.

looks like there should be a girl in the foreground on the grass looking back a la Andrew Wyeth's painting.  I just looked at it the painting again though and its not a mansion at all.  oops

bob, Sandra, Pudge, Jason

The finished piece

Gerald getting a Raish sandwich.  It was delicious

Ramon is this quiet guy but when it comes to party time he turns into a party animal

they had a little fashion walk off

suprise ending

Liz, bob

No matt no

Ramon just commencing to get the really party started in the kitchen

well, it's your party Mel, sure

Mr. Boiler Man!

that's what i'm talking about

um, hello, dudes?  are you serious?  There is a raging party going on right now.  Can you not?

Gerald's fraternity bros getting super cereal about their modified beer pong game again

egg beater

this guy, he should hire himself out as a party starter

hula hoops, cat stance dancing, jen saying punch me in the face, what is ramon playing to do with those wet wipes, mel two steppin', prosecco swiggin', Liz thinking about punching jen in the face, every kitchen utensil being utilized as a party tool, the party raged on into the wee hours again.  It ended with star gazing, asteroids huge asteroids burning up in the atmosphere and more prosecco.  What a gas.  It's not over yet though!  There's more tomorrow in this best endless weekend ever.