Last House Party

I got a new wide angle lens. Its a 20-35mm f/2.8 L series lens used for $560. I never really wanted to buy an L lens but it was the only one that fit the specs i wanted and it is pretty damn nice. my 35mm f/2.0 prime lens is next to it for comparison. I don't know how i feel about the new lens yet because its so heavy, longer and bigger and for pros which i am not. maybe ill return it i dont know. and i am seriously battling with myself over wether i should buy the Canon 5D mark II camera that is $1,800 used and 100x better than mine. My reasoning is there is no other time in my life i will need it more because i am living abroad and travelling and it has HD video, full frame, and superior low light sensitivity. but its for semi-pros/pros/people who need super HD video and is $1,800. it tortures me nightly.

I got this Nikon Coolpix S5100 pocket camera new for $120 because my other pocket cam is super unacceptable. this one is 12MP with HD video and no options and like 3 buttons. it feels like a fischer price camera. the pic quality is not that great but thats what you get for a $120 camera and all pocket cams suck anyway.

this is the DVD that the old guys at the museum of emerging technology gave us. I have no idea what it's about.

here is a screen shot from about 2 minutes in of a guy hugging a try and thanking it several times.

I made Maikur steal this from Mos burger. its a rubber coaster. i made her steal it because she is white and doesn't have a visa in order to get kicked out of the country.

Fumiko got me this little old school post office piggy bank that i wanted but they arent for sale. She said she doesnt want to talk about how she got it but she got it somehow.

This mikan au lait drink was pretty good. mikans are like tangerines.

is there only 1 other apartment of people living in our building now? they are moving out next door and here is some of their stuff shot from my window.

more moving out

Tried this kujira (whale) restaurant next to the 109 shibuya building. here is whale sashimi. was interesting and not so bad.

Here is whale steak, it was pretty good cuz it was seasoned well. I would eat this again if it were lying around and all politics and morals were aside.

awesome ukiyo-e whale art

a shot from our last house party before this place gets destroyed. there were maybe 14-15 people jammed into this little apartment.

one day we checked and the rooftop was magically unlocked. i love rooftops and miss our rooftop in harlem and 52nd street.