Yuri's Wedding Party and Adventures on the Water - Posted by BOB

So it has been a while since I have posted anything from my Japan trip and I still have a lot of stuff to show the world. I have been a little busy since I got back from Japan. I moved to across the country to Colorado to start a PHD in mathematics education so it has been a crazy couple of months.

I had the great fortune of being in Tokyo when a friend, Yuri was having a wedding party so I had the pleasure of attending a Japanese wedding reception. It was pretty awesome and like nothing I have seen before. This party was more for the friends of the bride and groom so it was pretty bumping.

They had this hip hop freestyle competition that this guy hosted. I could not understand anything he said, but he really got the crowd going with his crazy energy.

All of the performers were friends of the bride or groom and I could not understand anything that was going on, but the energy was infectious and a lot of fun.

I am not sure what these guys were up to, but this was an interesting performance.

Here is the lovely Yuri giving out the prize to one of the winner performer. This guy and his brother (The groom, he is in the background in a red hat) were super cool and we hung out with them later.

So somehow Jason and Fumika, the third Raish brother, got wrangled into performing. This was a serious deal. This was no joke. Here are they are in the back preparing with some of the managers of the club.

This is Fumika who has been featured in this blog quite a few times, but probably never as lovely as she is here with her crazy tentacle flower that smelled like death.

Here is Jason and Fu-Fu performing. I do not know why Jason is so sleepy looking. Jason and Fumika changed the lyrics of Sir Mix-a-Lot's baby got back to lyrics having to do with wedding stuff. It was pretty funny and completely out of place because it was the only performance the whole night in English.

Here is a picture of a sausage that someone was waving around during one of the performances. I do not know why they were waving around a sausage, but it makes me smile.

After the party we went to this restaurant and had an little after party which consisted of us eating food and drinking more. I enjoyed this because I was actually able to catch up with Yuri a little bit. This is my fugly face with a piece of Japanese Pizza. This actually was not terrible, but it still is nothing like New York Pizza. The pizza slices were super small and I could devour that in one bite.

The day after Yuri's wedding we were supposed to go the Ghibli museum with Fumika, Marco and his girlfriend at the time, but Jason bought the tickets for the wrong day and we could not go. This sucked extra bad for Fumika since she had never gone before and since she does not live in Tokyo she does not get the opportunity to go very often. Jason, Marco and I ended up going the next day and it was awesome. So instead of going to the museum we went to park right next the museum this is where I found this little basin to wash your hands. I love the moss and how it looks so peaceful. No one vandalizes these types of places. There are just a ton of these peaceful places that everyone respects in Tokyo.

I am not sure what this bus is exactly or why they did not put a space between "America" and "dream," but it is just a typical thing to see.

Since we had an afternoon free we decided to rent these row boats and enjoy a nice relaxing boat ride. Fumika had never rowed a boat before so it was pretty entertaining.

Here is Marco with what turned out to be a fairly typical look on his face. He eventually moved from Tokyo back to Spain. Marco was a lot of fun to hang out with. He had a similar sense of humor as Jason and I, but closer in energy level to me than Jason.

Rowing a boat is not easy.

Isn't she adorable. She was really into this and determined to row that boat.

Here is Jason looking sleepy again. Jason is actually a pretty sleepy individual. He just hides it well.