October Overtime

Yay i'm in the Society of Illustrators! But I don't even know what that means anymore.

I have been doing marathon work sessions. Finally after getting all the final drawings done its time to move onto the background paintings.

saw this eye on one of the bike rides i had to take to not go crazy because i had been working in the house for 16 hrs straight.

i wanted to buy this crappy old croquet set so we could have an awesome afternoon in yoyogi park with drinks and food but no, this crappy set costs over $200!!!!

bike rack by night.

in ueno station there are these openings in the partitions where you have to duck to go through them so there is foam padding all around.

they would turn this into that deliciousness below

this was amazing and so good. its that mashed up tuna sashimi wrapped in tofu skin topped with mini fish eggs and avocado. oh man.

the beer here is so beautiful and perfect.

after the marathon on sunday I am going to treat myself to this limited time "Whopper Viking". when they say viking in japan they mean all you can eat. i guess because vikings are barbarians who used to do all you can eat all the time because of their plundering? anyway monday after class i will attempt to eat 4 whoppers. i know i know, thats not a very lofty goal but i have been living in japan for a year and my stomach has shrunk to the size of a walnut so give me a break.

The Room, an awesome little club in tokyo. the guy would chunk these chunks out of a huge chunk of ice and then chunk away at it until it was the perfect size for the glass. and if it wasn't he would spin it around until it was the perfect size (pictured). an amazing and laborious way to get the right alcohol to chill factor going.