Thanks to My Buddies that Read my blog

I just want to give a shout out/thanks to my buddies who have been reading my blog this whole time i've been in China. Knowing that you're reading keeps me going and sometimes makes me do things that i might otherwise not do simply because i think it will make great blog material. Thanks Richard G, Karol, Debbie, My Momma, Bob, My dad maybe? does he read this? He Does read it!, Allen Ying, Akari, Eugi, Yoon, Jung Eun, and i forgot Michael Zahner and if there are any other of my buddies that read this frequently then let me know because I just listed all the ones i know about! don't be shy to leave comments, I do get them!


Dad said...

Yeah I f*ing read your blog.
What the He!!.
I'm going to have pancakes!

Micaela Zahner said...
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Micaela Zahner said...

I am a dedicated Jason's-blog reader :)

Kristen said...

Your dad is awesome!

Jung Eun said...

you are welcome
it's fun to read your blog