Bye Bye QQ

this looks like a good pong spot. i'll have to remember to come back here in the spring when its not BALLS COLD!

this store on gulou dong da jie looks like it has cool vintage-y clothes for the ladies

and then a store for me. they sell nothing but doremon merchandise. probably 98% fake.

one of thoese coal things just laying on the side of the street still all hot and able to catch things on fire.

there was an electronic music guy making music on his computer and mixers and boards and what have you

this is QQ. she is a designer and illustrator. she just moved to Shanghai to work in house as a designer at ogilvy Shanghai. so long QQ. this was her good bye night

Lily got iniberated

white framed glasses, white ipod headphones, white gloves. inspiration for some illustration in the future maybe

in the bathroom of karaoke. looks like a cute ghost character with one small eye and one super small eye

Angel took me to Ogilvy and i met 5 or 6 creative directors, she says i met the highest of the highest people there. this is a drawing of her friend yi xuan who is an assistant creative director. she baby sat me while angel was in all these meetings bringing home the bacon.