Some intersting times

i spied this sign while i was inside the red carpet art opening and knew that i had to go there when it was over. I love 50's music and i love live entertainment. i stumbled down the street and was met with a fence. i walked around and saw the front was the CD Jazz Cafe. Cool i thought. i went in and there was no live entertainment happening. Maybe it was different place i though. I walked around to try to find the entrance and finally found it

I stumbled into this. I saw nothing but girls, and about 2 guys. the girls were all dressed in their night gear. There was a girl on stage singing english songs. I said um....i just want to have one drink and i insisted that i want to sit at the bar.

i asked if there was a girl that speaks english and they brought her over and i asked her what kind of bar this is and she said it is just a normal bar and i said oh come on there are like 15 girls here and 2 guys, whats going on? each girl took a turn singing a song on stage. i saw a thing on the tables that said you can buy the singer a red rose and they will give it to her on stage for 100 rb or a silver rose for 200 rmb or a gold rose for 500 rmb and you get to sing a song with her after midnight. i tried to ask the girl what all that meant but couldnt communicate well enough to find out. the beer was like 3x more expensive than it should have been so i drank it and left to go meet hiroko who was done having dinner and doing business with the japanese art world guys. Interesting time.

guy who sells mostly cigarettes in sanlitun

there is a side street in sanlitun that is the equivelent of a down and dirty college bar street. everyone is sweaty, drunk, and smelling like cigarettes. also everyone is young. except for this one grandpa. i don't know what he was thinking but you know, every once in a while you see one of these guys at a young persons bar in the US. he was a wallflower for a while and then i dont know what it was but then he started getting down.