Post Olympics 100TH POST!!!!

Hooray! somehow this is the 100th post. This post is dedicated to Allen Ying. He loves how i post 40 pictures in a row in this blog and all the scrolling that is involved. It really tickles his pickle. I have been here for 3 months now. Here is some post olympic action.

this indian restaurant had awesome lighting. the food was not good but the lamps were off the hook!

this was on the night of the closing ceremonies. there were fireworks over lake houhai.

we went to a "tibeten" bar on the roof of a tibetan shop. we played a bunch of british drinking games

and they had jenga for some reason so we played that too.

a whole family sleeping in this square btwn the drum and bell tower. it wasnt even balls hot this night.

another guy sleeping outside. only this guy is the owner of this chinese convenience store. you just get what you want and give him a little shake to wake him up and give him your money and he goes back to sleep. that's china for you

this guy wong wei got this thing that i guess is so greasy and messy that they give you a plastic glove to eat it with

hot pot action. it was a massive amount of food for $5

guess where this is? 7-ll. you can buy a variety of hard liquor at 7-ll

this starbucks looks kind of crazy

finally people playing ping pong in ritan park

lotus's in ritan park. last time i took a picture of these they were like little lily pads, now they're all growns up

some of these things i dont know what they are. i see no shooting guns (i thought that was a given) but what is that on the top right? no sitting? there are benches everywhere. whats that on the bottom middle? no putting pine tree twigs on top of harpoons, anchors or the end caps from mideviel flag poles?

kite flying

the kite flying crew

this store display looks like a rip off of where the wild things are. executed in roughly the same style and medium, even has a kid being wicked in an animal costume with hood. still cool though.

some cool notebook covers

i love this thing only they are pretty expensive like a hundred dollars or something

shadow puppets or watever you call them

this is what they look like on the other side of the screen

this is pretty cool. modern fade-away style. i just did a fade away illustraiton. i will post it up soon.

me no know about chinese stuff that much but this is the first time i've seen yellow ceramic ware here. i think it's imperial stuff. also expensive, not for jason. jason can't have nice things because jason does'nt respect them.

a huge version of the little kites bob bought in june.

im not pulling any punches today. here it is. this is also china. there was also piles of poo in each one of the stalls.

this is actually china. this is the mcdonalds forgotten my time. this looks like an american mcdonalds, not one of the new snazzy mod styled mcdonalds i'm used to seeing.