First Post Back in Beijing

This guy was sitting on I think a sack of rice on the floor of the subway car. He looked like he just harvested the mofo.

I had Japan fever really bad when i came back from japan and i still do. to try to alleviate the fever a little I went to this rotating sushi joint but it didnt help that much.

for the olympics they made every dvd store stock only chinese legit stuff . they still have the pirated stuff but you have to know to ask for it.

there are a lot of new people in the workforce now because of the olympics. this guy did absolutely nothing though. this is one job that they created that could actually be useful and they still dont do anything but stand there and watch you almost get run over a lot of times. crossing the streets here is pretty brutal and im glad these guys are there to witness it.

the new subway line 10 is up and running! this is awesome because it connects a lot of beijing so i dont have to take taxis ALL the time now. Beijing is pretty huge geographically and some blocks take like 10 minutes to walk to get from begginging to end. so it sucks really bad if you go the wrong way cuz then you have to walk 10 more minutes back.

these huge beers are about 35 cents each on the street, like from that store above. cheaper than water, just like new york.

i got this donner kabab, i dont know why its called that cuz its not a kabob. anyway the thing is titanic. i put my cell phone there for size reference. yums

an apple store finally opened in china! wait a minute why am i so excited, i already bought all new apple products before i came here.

i ended up getting invited out to this american chamber of commerce happy hour mixer event. i met a bunch of people who have real jobs. i dont know that much about real jobs, and don't have one either so i did not talk about business.

later on it turned into a salsa dance lesson night. thats when i went upstairs to the "beach" rooftop terrace place. pretty nice.

this is the toll gate i have to go through everytime in the taxi to and from my house. at least it looks cool.

the line 10 subway. look at those pristine walls. it just opened so there are no advertisements, but no graffiti? come on Beijing! where is the graphiti and street art!

can you believe it? no ads in the actual cars yet either.

this is everythere. guys just roll their shirts up over their bellies and walk around. fat guys, skinny guys, young guys, old guys. it looks like its pretty much acceptable. i mean come on it is balls hot and guys need to strut their stuff a little right? so why not show off the most attractive and accentuating part of your body and give us a peak by rolling your shirt up?

in the early morning there are tons of taxis lined up along the street on the way to my house.