Illustration catch up

of all the stories I get given:  So many titles are in lowercase these days in the classical music world, why all the lower casing? For the NY Times Sunday paper

full page for banana magazine about asian american identity and stuff

Yoon and Celine wedding art

cover for the Progressive

Sharon 2eme

We went to Jill and Derek's house in Sharon Connecticut for the 2nd time.
Stopped by Kent Falls Brewing on the way and it was swell.

the owners daughter was very chatty.

the eyes of a molester.

plotting out our hiking route

in the morning I saw a sheep run by the window in the mist.  turns out the two males across the street that they have sequestered off got bored and broke out.

the two ladies down the street raise these sheep for sheep dog training.
this photo was taken at the beginning of the hike when it was sunny and nice
things were great, we were at the summit, eating sandwiches and drinking beer and laughing.  Massachusetts and Connecticut state line.  Saw a rattle snake

then a sudden rain storm came
we had to hustle for a good 45 min to get back down to the car in the torrential rain.

Also prior to that we were given the quest of going ahead to get bbq stuff for dinner while jill and derek took their time getting down the mountain.  Steven and I set off like enthusiastic Native american messenger runners and 2 min later the girls were no where to be seen and got lost and separated from Jill and Derek.  We found them, not pleased, and then the rain set in.  We were soaked and cold and made bad burgers cuz we don't know how to grill.

looking at New York.

of course more bike action and hurt my ankle again.

September Sizzle

was really hot through september

Jen's last day at work celebration for 2 ended in a rooftop camping dancing in the moonlight party

want some?  well it's off the market now

don't know what's going on here but i'm not locking my bike here.

a week later and the fall crops have sprouted.  I was doing the totoro grow dance on the roof.

our building's elevator room.

burger at Gnarly eats.

Jen hates it when i stare longingly at piles of garbage we pass on the street.  But in Park Slope those piles of garbage often yield treasure, like these trellises that will support our tomatoes and cucumbers next year.  Score.

It's been a long while since I posted Illustration stuff i've done so a lot is going to get skipped. 
Wedding thank you card art

permaculture for new orleans home
home maintanence check list for new orleans home
tourists for new orleans mag.
when you hit a tuft of grass onto your ball it's called a toupee.

Down DC Way

A trip down to the DC area
right before we left we planted various lettuce seeds for our fall planting.

I saw a White Castle ad on the side of a bus stop one day that stopped me in my tracks.  It was an add for their new Belgian waffle breakfast sandwiches.  I knew very well that a sausage egg and jalepeno cheese belgian waffle slider and fried chicken and bacon gravy belgian waffle slider would be gross but you can't teach my caveman brain impulses that.  So we went out of our way to get these and they were gross.  The worst part is lesson not learned.

somewhere in Arlington, VA

Ethiopian food somewhere near Arlington

Eric and Eleanor and Zachary moved to a new house close to where they were before in Arlington.

it was Yoo girls night out or something so I was released to go crash Yoon's family thing at a house they rented in Annapolis.

at a 90's throwback concert at Wolftrap featuring the likes of TLC, Rob Base, and Montel Jordan.  It was weird and as you can see drew a large swath of the population, many of whom are are old.  Are we old yet?

old people trying to remember the nostalgic 90s

the remaining 2 members of TLC

Jen's massages kale and mushroom rice bowl

still was warm enough to drink beer at BK bridge park