Yoon Sang Nam Gets Hitched

Yoon and Celine got married in DC
Kite Festival, was pretty hairy, there were kites dropping everywhere and strings getting tangled with other strings (which happened to me)

I made this poster sized art for Yoon and Celine

we ended up at some bar and some of us ended up worse than others.  Luckily we weren't so bad.

we drove with slight hangovers the next day back to New York and made it slightly in health which was good because we were about to embark on a 3 week honeymoon in Asia the next morning.  There was a long procession of these guys through our intersection.

Winter Remains

well winter is a grisly old sob so we had one last storm and one last sledding session.

we had a chance to check out a lot of new sets of stairs.  Really need a good sled next season

I gave stevie a push a little too zealously a few times in a row.  oops

stevie goes balls to the wall when he sleds, he has no control, he lets it all go

stevers wore latex gloves under his fingerless gloves for some reason

Morgenthal Frederics x Rosie Assoulin event

beer tasting day, our beer came out!  and we were able to get drunk on it.  It's not as hoppy as its supposed to be cuz we forgot to dry hop it after a week but it was still not bad.

delivery couriers will bring stuff for jen's work sometimes and usually they are on bike or car but this time this older laid back black gentleman came by motorcycle and it was freezing out.

Stacy Yoo's 30th birthday party with the 3 Yoo sisters ended up at Tender Trap in Greenpoint.

Last Bit'O Winter Upstate Edition

we went upstate with the plan of helping my parents fix up the barn but it ended up being so bitterly cold no work happened.
dad made these stairs

Jen had never been to a Perkins so we went and they don't serve the pigs in a blanket of my childhood, no, now they serve this huge monstrosity.  Those are fried chicken and cheese biscuit sandwiches smothered in gravy in the back

these are the adult urinals at this rest stop, so low it's like peeing on your shoes.

The weirdest vending machine i've seen, and I've even lived in Japan.  I was gonna crop this photo but theres a lot of interesting elements on the edges

foot for scale.
12 kinds of dogs to fulfill your rest stop hot dog cravings.  To be fair one row of them are "egg rolls"

got home and tried to taste our beer and measure the alcohol content but it was futile and you don't even do it after bottling anyway.  We really messed that one up.

Last Bit'O Winter

Jen got tix to Buffy Saint Marie at Jazz at the Lincoln Center.  It was full of mostly aging hippies and I had never heard of her before so I was skeptical from the start but after hearing her story and her native american inspired tunes I thought it was pretty cool.

how awesome is this painting hanging in the Lincoln Center, Jazz Funeral, by Morton Roberts?
bottling day supplies.

we are dumb@$$es so we didn't know how to use the hydrometer we bought.  We tried to find a vessel tall enough to accept the floating hydrometer and ended up using this vase and got a bad reading

we ended up with 45 bottles.

New acquisitions:  The Best of Louis Jordan, Jumpin' with Joe: Joe Turner, Night Train: The Oscar Peterson Trio, The Roches: The Roches
these dog parker stations have popped up in brooklyn, you're supposed to leave your dog in there while you run errands, or have too many happy hr martini's and forget your dog.

Bob lookin' fresh after a fresh cut

I changed my flat back tube which requires taking off this whole gear assembly.  I'm a big boy now.

stumbled across Michael Arenella and pals playing at clover club so we went in for a drink.

my The Progressive cover on the newsstand.