Short Lived Spring

first harvest of greens
made jaeyook bokum spicy pork to make ssam bap lettuce hand wrap things.
now that jen is in class wednesday and thursday nights I'm on dinner duty.  This was spanish night, spanish omlettes, mahon and idiazabal cheese, and some kind of franken instapot spanish chick pea soup.
the back of a train toy or something oozing out into the hallway

in a rare period of bob feeling like doing the thing he really wanted to go on a  hike so we went to bear mountain.

we were dog sitting gucci who wouldn't be able to make it a whole day without peeing in our apt so we had to bring her along.  We don't have a dog backpack or something so she just got plopped into this totebag.

we even got fu to hike.  It was a pretty sweaty time.

Industrial Arts Brewing Company down the road.  It was open and airy and a very cool place with great beer.  two thumbs up.

d.b.a in east village is a dog friendly bar 

Vivi aka Maiko my old roomie at FIT visited from Michigan with Eisuke and child.

So the Korean Melon beer worked out!  Its got a very subtle flavor.

The sun gold cherry tomato plant has been going crazy and flexing it's muscles too much so as per the internet we pruned down the unnecessary branches so it can put more energy into making fruit and less into making more leaves.  It hurts me everytime i have to cut off leaves, look at how much there is here!
how much I had to cut off the other two heirloom tomato plants

after his haircut
Come at me birds and squirrels (bugs don't come at me).  Helms Deep is complete, I can't guarantee it's impenetrability though.

I drove Steven and Adam down to the Coney Island area to purchase 60 pounds of honey from a guy in the back of an electronics shop.  Yes you read that correctly.  The honeyman leaves at 5 but the electronics shop stays open til 8 so we met some other dude that didn't blink twice when they said they were here for the honey.  He pointed over behind some boxes and I thought we were gonna have to go down into some shady basement but it was just some 5 gallon buckets of honey and a honey sampling station.  I guess you've got to be an incredible entrepreneur if you are selling honey out of your electronics store on Coney Island Ave.

a 5 gallon bucket of honey is very heavy.  So everyone agreed this was the weirdest purchase they've ever made in item and situational scope.  Oh and you might be wondering this whole time why the h#ll do they want 5 gallons of honey.  It's cuz they make mead which is made from honey.  After this we got a pizza from spumoni gardens and played pool and drank beer back in south slope to celebrate the honey score.

Spring Has Finally Sprung

omurice with a proprietary made up sauce

Five Boroughs Brewing Co down by industry city with Bob

first time checking out Industry City which is by sunset park and is a newly developed area with studios and random stores.  There was some design thing going on that we randomly happened upon.  Here is a plush blob fish.

The Hogfather sandwich from Ends Meat in the Industry City food court.

The Industry City whiskey distillery was closed for some reason this day and so dejected and cringing at the thought have having come all the way to industry city for almost nothing, Bob, Steven, and I decended down the stairs and out into the courtyard and saw a glimpse of a chalkboard sign advertising a craft sake place.  The newly opened Brooklyn Kura craft sake distillery.  The word Sake is a misnomer in the western world cuz it just means alcohol.  Nihonshu is what you'd say in Japan if you mean "sake".  So how are you supposed to feel about an American sake place started by 2 white dudes?  Well after you taste how good the sake is you start to feel better about it.  The 3 kinds we tried were crisp and dry which is great because truth be told I never really liked the sweetness of a lot of sakes.  So I feel conflicted about this ultra old japanese tradition being done by these brooklyn dudes because of thoughts of tradition and authenticity but also because tradition can hold back great things.  The guys apprenticed in Japan.  I'll be back to try more

I parked under a tree on another street for a week and this is what happened to bobs car

10 gallons of homebrew

a Yoo family tradition was california roll night and they would all make their own hand rolls

a lot of left over ingredients so I tried to make rolls but our knife is so dull now.

New wood fired pizza place on 4th ave La Bella Vita might be the new best pizza in Park Slope.  They have a pizza with marscapone on it and its great.  The place doesn't look like it's getting much business so I hope things pick up so it stays around.

some sunday in Prospect park, snapped on my run

6/15 Green community garden on the corner of 6th ave and 15th street just up the block from us.  There's a years long waiting list to get a plot in here.

Western Union has Bitcoin ATMs now?
We went to opening night of Tin Cat Shoes at The Wild Project.  Directed by Knud Adams with scenic design by our pal Kimie Nishikawa.  Photos by Knud and Kimie.  Kimie got a good mention in the New York Times.  She's got a full docket of shows so its on to the next one.

Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery was just a large swath of green on the map that's down the ave from our house until this day when we actually checked it out.  Founded in 1838 and now a National Historic Landmark.  In the 1860s it was the second most visited attraction in the USA after Niagra Falls.  478 acres of hills and grass and flowering trees and stuff.  Buried here are such famous peeps like Jean Michel Basquiat, Boss Tweed, Leonard Bernstein, Charles Ebbet and more.  Actually a pretty great place for a walk, especially in flowering tree season.  We missed the cherry blossoms but the dogwoods, and magnolias and late super pink cherry blossoms were out.

looks like this should be in the 100 acre woods.

Jean Michel Basquiat's grave is hard to find and is abutted up against another persons grave

stained glass repair inside this crypt or whatever they're called.

William Holbrook Beard, painter of bull and bears stock market imagery.

these are cherry trees, was probably a spectacular canopy of white when they were in bloom.

the highest point in brooklyn, battle hill, a big revolutionary war battle took place here.  I think the americans lost this one.

from a distance Jen thought this was a hawaiian statue (King Kamehameha) 

may 5th is children's day in japan and they fly this carp streamers

the two other T's weren't around so Jen helps bottle 10 gallons of beer.  What a champ.

from the Bartlett's rooftop on Berkeley place and 7th ave.