Life in the New Hood - Park Slope Edition

There have been many many life in the new hood posts and this time it's Park Slope, Brooklyn.  Also a sign of the time and a sign of where I am in life, this is the first ever smartphone photo only post (Google Pixel).  Smarthphone camera tech has gotten to the point where i'm ok with the photos, they are by no means as good as the ones taken with my DSLR but when you're domesticated and lazier it will have to do.
The buttercrunch lettuce recovered from being decimated by spider mites

the Mizuna red streaks mustard greens have exploded

the first of at least 30 jalepenos

trumpet vine from my mom is not looking so good but yesterday Jen noticed a new sapling poking out of the soil amongst the dried up and once thought completely dead transplants.  that little guy has only a few months to set down some good roots and settle in for the winter or else he will end up like the rest of his brothers.

When I went to day camp we didn't get to hit each other with huge duct taped up foam medieval weapons.  I wonder if they make them do all the LARPing (Live action role playing) stuff like making a character and following a script.

one morning I went up to the roof to find this.  I had transplanted this spinach and herbs the day before and some squirrel @$$hole came and knocked my snowman down.  The poor parsley never even had a chance at life.

Little Jenny Yoo is drunk.  They don't have fireflys in Hawaii and she discovered one stuck in a spider web and tried to save it but inadvertently injured it and when you're just a lowly bug an injury just means you're gonna die

Little Jenny Yoo feels bad and is mustering all the morality her little heart can muster.

after about 5 minutes of standing on the sidewalk contemplating the fleeting nature of life Little Jenny Yoo comes to the realization that the little guy is not gonna be OK and decides to put it out its misery.

Little Jenny Yoo feels bad.

I also pointed out that she potentially murdered 2 lives that night because now that spider is denied his meal and may not have enough sustenance to make it to tomorrow.  Little Jenny Yoo was drunk and did not appreciate this sentiment at all.

the buttercruch lettuce has exploded and for a while it was making enough to have a salad every day just from these three plants (the 4th one is a little runt and wasn't producing anything).

I'm tipping my top hat to you sir.

chips found at union market recommended by John Nickle.  (i'm addicted to chips).

the plants are startin' to get swole so it's time to tie them up.

at El Continental, an El Salvadorian restaurant.

sampled 2 El Salvadorian beers, they are what you expect them to be.

Little Jason is drunk and he got caught in a downpour

there's even more where this came from

nooooo don't go I need you.  WE need youuuuuuuu