Family Time

an unexpected trip to the parents house.  Brody, my parents biggest Newfoundland ever, was diagnosed with bone cancer and was receiving new experimental treatment at Cornell and was doing very well and suddenly went downhill.

new stuff

we surveyed the land and gathered summer flowers and plants for an ikebana session outside.

my not so good entry

mom's tiger lily centered piece

bob's minimalist piece

Dad's  summertime rustic

and the winner of this one was Jen who found this crazy looking specimen to use as her center piece

is bob feeling one with nature.

early one morning out the window

more deer later on

Harper taking a rope out to a victim in need

When we got back to NYC I went to the roof to see a toppled over tomato plant and this on the ground.  I then knew that it was on.  Thieves are now in season.
Rest in Peace Brody.  What a guy.  I loved wrestling with him.  He was beloved by all including everyone at my Mom's school, was a therapy dog, and won tons of awards with my Mom.