Jazz Age Lawn Party 2017

our 3rd Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor's Island in 4 years.  This year was less hot but still very sweaty.  They were super TSA about the bag checking so we had to pour out a 3 full thermos's of cocktails and a bottle of wine because they also started a no re-entry policy too.

found these pants for $5 for bob at housing works and i tacked elastic in the cuffs so he could get the "plus fours" look going on.

it was blazing hot in that sun

why does that lady have to be there in the back.

they were visiting New York for a few days from Tokyo.  They guy made his own sleeve holders and judging from his instagram he is quite the tokyo dandy.

intellectual pursuits on the left, debauchery on the right.

Glligan's Island