went upstate for mother's day and finally took that river adventure.  It was a dreary day with a little drizzle here and there and also cold, as most of the spring has been.
This is looking upriver.  Where are you going stevie?  to be fair it is hard to control this sit on top kayak (which I would learn later on after we switched vessels).  We'd look back and he'd be swirling around in circles.

jasonflipskayak from Jason Raish on Vimeo.
Mother's day ikebana materials gathering session.  Surveying the land and harvesting it's "fruits".  On the way mom sprayed these gross things cuz they will get outta control and eat everything.

Steven has gone moss and terrarium building crazy
Oh?  A rare Trillium flower grows in the forest.

our haul this spring.  got some great mosses, a bird's nest, dogwood, lilacs, apple blossoms, honeysuckles, and more.

our 5 ikebana arrangements (Steven is the honorary and arguably better Bob stand in)


second place winner Dad

my mostly dead statement piece.  The flower represents the glimmer of hope we have left on our dying planet.  I'm more of a cascading style guy but sometimes you don't choose your ikebana, it chooses you.

and the winner of the mother's day ikebana 2017 invitational, Steven's

2nd place winner of the Mother's Day Archery Invitational 2017 was me, Dad won first.

they told steven at the archery place that leaning forward a little helps some peeps

What a dog.  There's no Brody because he was off at the laboratory.