A Honeymoon in Asia - Nara

we were lucky to have a clear day to see Mt. Fuji from the window of the bullet train.  It seemed like the thing that got Jen excited the most. 
mt fuji from shinkansen from Jason Raish on Vimeo.

what a delightful little portfolio of tonkatsu sandwhiches from Maisen.

your ticket makes it's way through here in like less than a second.

on the train to Nara.
this woman kept trying to read a department store floor guide and falling asleep HARD.  The train would stop, she would wake up, the train would go she would fall asleep in a few seconds and start her bend.  She could have bowed down to the floor like a cartoon if her legs were'nt in the way.  I think Japanese people are so sleep deprived.  Everyone in this photo is sleeping.

love this sign and love the random period .

Bro! where's the fire what's the rush??!!!  I'm still deciding here so back up!!!

Todai ji

the deer whisperer.  He was wandering around feeding the deer that would follow him.
The Deer Whisperer - Nara from Jason Raish on Vimeo.

some of the deer "bow" to you

um, seriously I said no thank you

Hachiman gu Shrine

across the street from our ryokan

burnt miso ramen from Kyoto Gogyo was delicious.  The took us to the dining room in the back and it was filled with foreigners and we instantly both asked if we could just sit at the counter

chip addict and they make some good chips in Japan.