A Honeymoon in Asia - Kyoto - Night 2

step one was trying these 2 new beers I bought.  Then we went to the Kaiseki place that actually had availability right now.  We went to Kitamura and the food was....OK.  For the price you pay I don't know if I could justify it.  

Kaiseki is a multi course traditional Kyoto meal.

mentaiko mochi thing.

unagi box

that poor young girl probably suffers so many indignities that she wouldn't (as much) in an American workplace.  First she's young so she will get treated as lesser by those two older ladies, and second she's a woman so she's stymied by her employer even more.  And 3rd the customers probably treat her lesser, this being Japan, a male dominated work culture.  And 4thly, she has to deal with foreigners, like the 2 blonde American girls, who said they can't eat anything with gluten, like soy sauce, or meat.  What did these girls think they were gonna eat!!??

Kyle recommended this bar on the third floor that you would never just stumble upon and it turns out to be the coolest bar i've been to in Kyoto.  It's owned and run by Kyoto photographer Kai Fusayoshi, who you can see on the left.  He's a super friendly guy and so was his bar tender girl who all talked to us and included everyone in the bar in the convo and it was just a super friendly place.  It's called Hachimonjiya 

peeps bottles of sake that they keep at the bar

a ton of his photo books

the Kiyamachi canal area is so cool.

in the entranceway of the Ryokan.  We had to run back to the ryokan before midnight because they said that's when their curfew is.  I didn't want to do that but Jen said we should.  My American mind thought it was unacceptable that we could pay $350 for one night and we had a curfew like we were mother lovin' teenagers again.