Women's March NYC 2017

First of all sorry mom and grandma and anyone else offended by profanity because this blog post is full of protest signs filled with profanities.  Even if they weren't provoked by our new president there would still be profanity on signs.  Was it like this in the 60s?  It's absolutely lame that they want you to register online for a march and then they send you an Eventbrite ticket email complete with barcode and a time for you to show up based on your alphabetical last name.  Protesters in the 60s would laugh and rightfully think it was the lamest thing ever.  Yes I get that the march organizers wanted to get a ballpark figure of possible turnout and that having people come at different times by last name in waves might make the march proceed better instead of being a giant immovable mass.  But its just incredibly lame!  No arrests, no show downs, no cars set on fire.  On the plus side no violence.  But how incredibly lame, totally not the spirit of protest we've come to know a la the 60s.  But also no one is getting shot and murdered like at Kent State and on and on.  No, you didn't need to register.  I don't know if that's because the whole thing got way bigger than anyone thought or if it never mattered in the first place.  In the end it was inspiring to see all the peeps showing up and being there.  Most inspiring to see all these old ladies and grandmas out with their friends, showing up and showing out.  Did we (Bob, Steven, and I) feel a little meek and apologetic for having penises yesterday?  Yep.  It felt lame that we (men) were even there.  You can say all the encouraging things you want like, no, men weren't there sharing the limelight and they were there to support and participate but it does feel a little lame.  Yes I get it it's not about you Jason and no one give a sh!t about how you feel, this isn't your day.    

"don't give up the pill"
60s styles
but not 60s selfie smiles.  would 60s protestors be about this?  I guess I could ask some because I bet there were 60s era protesters there.  It's easy to condemn this girl but everyone was taking selfies, its a selfie world now.  
Proud American Liberal.

well played dude

Every cause was up for grabs including, reproductive rights, environmental protection, racism, funding for various things, immigration, the justice and incarceration system.  And of course a lot of things went a little far, one of most offending signs I saw had "abolish prisons" on it which i think is taking it a little far and way past reform.  At one point before things started moving and peeps were shuffling back and forth between crowd catching gate blocked streets with no access there was a couple in a 3rd story window naked drinking coffee and some people noticed and then a lot of people noticed and started cheering their nakedness and some people even started attaching meaning to it that I don't think was there.  They said something like "we stand in solidarity of your nakedness" and I think the couple probably just boned and didn't care and were just watching the march and drinking their coffee and not making a statement about being naked and defiant in the face of the system.  I guess its natural for things to get swelled up and peeps to attach bigger meanings to things in the heat of the moment.  All of what I just said is called "mansplaining" which is a modern term for when a man explains something, usually to a woman, in a condescending or patronizing way.  

One of Cori's cousins

Another one of Cori's cousins

Bob read most of the 15 page march rules I guess issued by the city.  Highlights were:  Signs are not allowed to be made of wood, that's why there were so many signs with wrapping paper cardboard tubes as handles.  Mini flags are brought at your own risk of confiscation, I guess you could stab someone with a wooden mini-flag dowel?  And they have the right to shut down the march with horseback officers.  Again lame, but again no one got murdered. 

Hot priests in front of St. Patrick's cathedral

old lady gettin' cheeky

walking past another Cathedral on 5th avenue, St Thomas.  They started playing the Star Spangled Banner on the church bells and the crowd started singing and Jen cried she said.
there was some kind of orange tic tac joke or meme earlier in the year about trump.  The march was supposed to end in front of Trump Tower on 5th ave but the police had it blocked off before then so peeps only had the option of splitting east or west and were effectively done and out of the march.

kind of ironic walking down the famous 5th avenue past all the luxury goods stores and see employees up in the windows looking down from their "ivory" towers.
Some women I like
Mansplaining at the bar