A Sentimental Christmas - Part Three

Dad seemed to be intrigued by the VR headset we got him for Xmas.  Surely in the future this will look hilarious because it already does now.  Too bad he has an iphone and currently in December of 2016 VR tech for iphones suck and there isn't even a compatible remote made!  

welcome to the future.

It's disgusting how you can see him blinking and looking at you      welcome to the future from Jason Raish on Vimeo.
We got mom this Newfoundland weather vane and the guys finished the roof already and its mounted and up!  The cups spin around with the wind too.  I think she really likes it so we did a good job this year

I forced bob to learn how to make bao dough.  I don't know if there was enough yeast cuz it def did not double in size like its supposed to and has in the past for me.

but they still puffed up and where decent

made sheng jian bao also, fried on the bottom and steamed pot sticker style

is this a dog or what?  loves attention and being pet and will run over to you when called and will jump up on your lap, on the couch, loves to snuggle, and has a beautiful face and soft perfect fur all over that doesn't get dirty and self cleans itself and doesn't drool that much at all.

for who has to drive first we did a scene from The Deer Hunter, a little russian roulette with 1 dart in the 6 capacity revolver.  Bob lost.
Now that's a barn!  I'll get a better photo next time I go back (this one is from the parents)
IMG_1342 from Jason Raish on Vimeo.
parents got me this art book of Taiji Harada whom I discovered in Japan at some cafe near Mie I think.

Jen got me this brogues and belt from J. Crew
I got cold weather running gear that i've really needed from various peeps and a sous vide immersion cooker thing from bob that makes insane slow cooked eggs that cook for an hour at 145 degrees F.  And other stuff that i haven't tried out yet.

IMG 4694 from Jason Raish on Vimeo.
We came home to the other record phil sent jen that didn't arrive in time and it was the Beatle's White Album which my mom received on tape back in 1990 on Christmas and in the video she was dancing and my dad says "go ahead Jeanne bop out"

Well that's it for the Christmas season folks!  What a year it's been.  I'll have the year in review posts up after the new year.  We scaled back on the activities this year which was probably welcome by everyone so they could relax.  Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night.