A Years Worth Of Illustration Spread Out - Part 5

The First Troll, Thomas De Quincey, author of Confessions of An English Opium-Eater, for The Atlantic December 2016 issue. He was a vile sh!t talker and even trashed his two heroes William Wordsworth and Samuel Coleridge after their deaths as their biographer. He also did a load of opium, just like a lot of other people back then.

Books and the Arts section illustration for The Nation about DJ /rupture and M.I.A.’s music taking influence from around the world and their travels. I used the yellow supports from Madrid’s Barajas airport, the best looking one i’ve been to.

Real life Sully coaching Tom Hanks as Sully in the movie "Sully". For Variety

For a story in the New Scientist about hangovers. Since it’s a British publication I have his drunk food of choice as cheesy toast and a can of Kronenburg1664. 

Group of people use storytelling to heal themselves and others from addiction and abuse. Full page for Louisiana Life.

A little story about fashion industry peeps watching the debate in a hotel in Paris at 3am during Paris Fashion Week. Bonus is a sketch of the lamest souvenir jacket ever that didn't get picked (not to mention the lamest $3,000 handbag also). For the New York Times.

Chris Rose hopes that after this election we can move past demagogues taking over public squares (like Jackson Square). For New Orleans Magazine.

Why Kate McKinnon should play Trump, for The Ringer

10 years of Taylor Swift for the Ringer.  They wanted 2006 T. Swift, first album, 16 yrs old, curls, innocent but about to take over the world.