A Years Worth Of Illustration Spread Out - Part 2

Trump’s effect on the international film industry will be bad if he were to become president. His proposed immigration policies, ending of trade agreements, etc… will leave the film industry reeling (pun intended). For The Hollywood Reporter.

Around the world fetching water is primarily put on females. In Asia and Africa women walk an average of 3.7 miles a day collecting water and need I remind you that water is HEAVY and they have to get it for every family member. Many other social problems arise. For Emory Alumni Magazine.

Summer break is hardly a vacation for parents, here’s how it can be. Local Living cover and inside illustration for the Washington Post.

Dale Dudley writes about his only talent being able to name any song from the 50s-80s.

Washington Post Food section cover in today’s paper. Some restaurants are ditching the traditional reservation system for tickets, and auctions. In the internet age of reserving online it’s become too easy to reserve a table and not show up. When I lived in Paris playing the reservation game wasn’t so fun so I would welcome this system.

Dale Dudley writes about how he’s an old dad who may not live to see his daughter get married. Bummer of a story for Austin Monthly.

New Orleans gentrification and renovators, their benefits and detriments to the city.  Are they good or bad?  A pro:  raising property value of neighboring homes.  A con: loss of culture.

Renovating in the right language.  How to speak your architect’s language and make additions to your house match the aesthetic.

Dale Dudley’s column in Austin Monthly.  This one is about how his real life has been crazier than any bucket list he could have thought up.  He was a radio dj and did lots of flying in zepplins, bi-planes, b-17 bombers, partying with celebrities, st patrick’s days in ireland, etc... lucky bastard


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