2016 The Year in Review - Part Two

we got our dad this smoker for fathers day and although it's not ours we have reaped the benefits of it a few times now and it seems to be a gift enjoyed by all.  He's been smokin' pulled pork, chicken, and even our Christmas turkey.
A forth of July party was assembled in 2016, the first time in a while and all of mom's sisters made it out and a bunch of my friends too.  We camped out and it was a swell weekend.

the Raish boys (Me and Bob) came so close to beating the Raish men (Dad and Ed).  Maybe 2017 will be our year when the guard changes.
Jacob Riis beach
watched a lot of olympics.

hiked the Shenandoah National Park overall run hike and came face to face with a bear on Steven's 30th birthday weekend

enjoyed the playland that is our Aunt Jill and Derek's new digs in Sharon, CT.

another full petanque season, we even had a petanque tournament.
caught out in a storm in central park with Bob

Played a whole lot of Pokemon Go
Fire Island beach day whilst checking out Ellen and Luke's new place in Bellport.

Went to Under the Stars camping trip again.

my 9 most popular instagram posts of 2016.
a failed but hilarious attempt to navigate the Canisteo River late in the season.  we got no where and had to give up.
shot a shotgun for the first time, well, a really old one with really old ammo so it was like all the stereotypes you've heard, it hurt like heck.
Steven bought a bow and since we all did the intro class at gotham archery we all were psyched to shoot it.  And shoot it we did all weekend.
racquet ball with Chris and Steven.  It was our first time so we like incredibly stupid.
hiked breakneck ridge along the hudson river

fried turkey for thanksgiving with Jen's sisters and fam.

Donald Trump beats Hilary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.  Yes Donald Trump is now our president.
did a huge advertising project with Chris(he photographed the glasses) for Morgenthal Frederics' 30th anniversary

finally got our thank you cards mailed out 8 months later.
Jen got a record player for xmas, no not this one, this one got returned and we got a different one (i'll post it up later).  But thus begins our decent into the world of vinyl.
Our best Christmas present ever?  We hope to see this newfoundland weathervane high atop the barn for a long time.

Had a 28 yr old VHS tape converted to digital and we all took a sentimental journey on Christmas eve.
and we properly blew up our gingerbread village this year.

as far as the rest of 2016 nothing happened and we partied too hard the night before and spent new years eve on the couch relaxing.  My tax status changed in 2016.  I didn't leave the USA this year although Hawaii might feel like it.  Things to look forward to in 2017 are but not limited to:  Mexico, Japan, Korea, archery, petanque, Canisteo NY, beer brewing, bread making, making artwork, record collecting, and Jen.  You'll see it all go down on this here blog.