2016 The Year in Review - Part One

There are multiple pics of snow because we got hit with multiple polar vortex storms and it made life miserable

the most xxxxtreme sledding in prospect park was done by us this day.  

we brewed a gallon of beer and failed.  three idiot monkeys practicing a siphon here.
saw Blackbird starring Jeff Daniels and Michelle Williams, thanks Julian!

our save the date

we got married in Hawaii with our close friends and family!
swimming in the moonlight at midnight in Kailua
we stayed in the historic John Walker house in Lanikai for 5 days.  It's right on the ocean.


a slightly terrifying misadventure getting rolled onto reef multiple times and getting all cut up and bloody because we were dumb and went straight at the islands like the said not to.  Then we had a little aqua party and all was right with the world.
we saw a volcano on the big island!

we walked in a volcano

we did the slightly crazy walk down into the Waipio valley.

we had a welcome BBQ at the historic John Walker house in Lanikai and were treated to a blood moon over the moks islands, the weather was perfect, our friends and fam were there and all was right with the world.

we karaoke'd with no karaoke machine and woke up the whole neighborhood and they were p!ssed and complained to the real estate company.  It was the misfits last night in this house anyway so it was ok.

the long hard hot mid day march up coco head

sun rise over the moks

i helped judge the FIT illustration show.
our best mother's day gift yet?  We had a whole ikebana afternoon with stuff foraged from the land, had a picnic, and everyone got really into it and made cool looking arrangements.

another year another cherry blossom picnic on Roosevelt island

first time in the sunday times paper.

growing herbs from seed.

we cooked a lot of stuff

a lot of bad stuff happened this year, many mass shootings, many hate crimes

started making bao in 2016 and even made these bao hot dog buns

got to try some of the legendary and elusive Pappy Van Winkle whiskey thanks to Eric

and finally this is from last year that I forgot to put up, I made a Raish family crest (relevant to our nuclear family) featuring a newfoundland dog mimicking the pose of an old european lion.  theres a the tree at the top with two branches representing our parents and two apples are us.  We had it made into a flag and window clings for cars and such.