Under The Stars

So we went to the Under the Stars camping thing upstate again.  It's put on by Collide and was sponsored by the British newspaper The Guardian, Pabst Blue Ribbon, City Winery
some of the tri state area's mover's and shakers playing flip cup

a really sweaty game of whiffle ball.  In our crew this time around we had Bob, Min, Chris, Virginia, Me, Jen and Steven.

doggy disturbed by drone

dinner.  At this point the free flowing booze has got our party feeling frisky.

At this point stevie was well rat assed and sweaty and swinging the whiffle ball bat over his head while jumping around trying to dance.  He passed out in his tent by 9pm.

Big Thief played and Adrianne Lenker's beautiful voice was almost too good.  They're playing at summer stage in september.

at about 9:30 we found ourselves drinking beer inside our car because of an unexpected rain storm. 

gathered up supplies for stage 3 of the night at the second bonfire by new tent city.

everyone else went to bed and when a guitar started getting handed around and people were singing Wonderwall by Oasis we knew it was time to go to bed.

what's wrong buddy, rained inside your tent?   Chris and Virginia's rainfly wasn't closed and it happened to them too and they had to get a new tent in the middle of the night.  

also Virg locked the key in the trunk so in the end our car had to drive their apartment keys 3 hours back to new york, hand them off to Antonio who go their extra porsche key and drove it 3 hrs upstate to them and then they all had to drive back to nyc in their respective cars arriving around midnight.  We all had various hangovers so thank god Antonio was willing to do that for them because we were exhausted
see you later Ghent, NY