4th of July Just Like Old Times - Part 1

what started as a little camping/4th of july party idea turned into a 4th of July Party like old times, keg of beer, bbq'ing, horse shoes, etc...   I'll get into what wasn't there in our modern era later.
somewhere on the way from NYC to Canisteo.  We had Steven, Bob, Micaela, Jen, and I in bob's black stallion hyundai elantra 2006

Bob's Baby cone.  get in there lil' fella

at Topps in bath picking up provisions and I see they have a pet bar or whatever.  Crazy pet people.

My uncle Ed's 6 or 8 man ten from an ear before carbon fiber synthetic materials.  It's not going so well.  I liked seeing everyone almost getting snippy with each other trying to figure it out.  In the end it stayed up despite looking wonky.

Eric brought full out camping gear and a propane stove to make coffee in the morning.

A boy and someone else's dog.
Billy Schu's home fries have everything in them and are good stuff.

stripey sisters

we tried to fly kites down by the house to no avail.

But up on the hill there was enough wind to get it going. 
bob turned out to be quite the kite runner much to my surprise.  He boasted of his days of buzzing the boardwalk in Delaware, sending the square running for the dunes.  Don't remember that happening.

there's actually a brewery in Hornell, Railhead Brewing Co

Back at the cool Cider Creek in Canisteo, still amazed this exists here.

we even got a tour from Kevin

hammock time interrupted.