The Blues Continue

The post vacation blues continue.  I guess that's to be expected when you combine the highs of hawaii, having fun with all the close people in your life, and getting married.  After that normal life is gonna look pretty pretty low.
Yes dude give us that mofongo right now!

the park ave south location of we work, a co-working space.  future peeps, co-working spaces that you rent by the month are all the rage and they are all over the place in 2016.  

the only thing that inspires me as of late is cooking.  We made breakfast dumplings.

There were actually two ghostbusters hearse cars next to each other.  I don't know what's up with this orange stripe version but the classic white and red one had too many people around it.

inflatable art by Amanda Parer in Brookfield Place

The Patriot

we did a bad thing

Making breakfast bao.  First making the bao dough and letting it proof.  Yeast and baking soda

after a couple hours it's supposed to double in size

had 3 illustrations in the sunday new york times.  Modern writers re-imagine shakespeare's classics.  

filled with sausage or bacon and cheese and scrambled eggs and sautéed onions and who remembers what else.

steamed and ready to eat

I've done it!  Success!  Back to being depressed.