Roosevelt Island Spring

our 3rd annual Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Picnic

Hanami season = Furikake season.  These guys will season many a onigiri rice ball this year.  We have Ebi (shrimp) Fumi, Wasabi fumi, shiso (bitter leaf), Salmon, Nori Komi (seaweed sesame seed), Noritomago (seaweed egg), and Katsuo (yellowtail).  the 8th one broke during shipping.

Hawaiian Spam musibi glazed in soy sauce and sugar, onigiri construction happening in the back.  Some stuffed with tuna mayo.

On the Hawaii kick I had the lofty goal of making mini picnic sized loco mocos.  The final step is the sunny side up quail egg that i had to delicately slice the top of each shell and cook one at a time while splashing hot oil on the top to partially cook the tops of the whites.  A nerve wracking and time consuming endeavor but by the end I was getting perfect eggs.

for scale.

rigged up an upside down cup and plastic wrap tent on a plate and carried these guys all the way to the island.
Bob and I had an unexpected douche-off.  A contest where everyone including the general public loses.

my douche-off entry as I construct mini loco mocos for everyone.

no one saw hot gravy from a thermos coming did they!!??

and finally bam, I found the perfect sized cup for the whole thing and everyone thought it was amazing so in your face Bob and Jen it did work and it was super cute!

the weather this year was so sh!tty that it even snowed in Canisteo in the 3rd week of may.  This was the first viable day we could have done the picnic and it's well past peak bloom.  At least there were a few blossoms left.

two quail eggs left at the end.  Time for a double gobble and it was captured in animated gif form.  It will be the grossest thing you see today.  Hhahahahahhaah

Bob got us this picnic basket but it broke under the weight of a million onigiris and spam musubis

after picnic drinks at the Subway Inn.  Golden Tee is such a good party game.  To drive you roll that white controller ball and the hard you do it (up to a point) the further it goes.