A Wedding in Hawaii - Welcome Luau Night

waiting for her man to come home?  or watching the circus.

3 sisters out on the water

3 on board

they said me and steven looked so cool from the shore because we were perfectly in sync and going fast and looking ultra cool

a blood moon!  Everyone was taking photos
you can't ask for more than this.  a full belly, nice evening weather, beers, and your best friends from around the world, and Hawaii

right on schedule

back at the misfits' house we ordered food from Zippy's.  Jen got on the phone and asked what the largest chili was that they could sell us.  And it arrived in this huge bucket.


the last time these two would walk home single.
Van Der Kock's probalby thinking, F U universe, why do you have to be such a son of a b@ch.  I have to go back to work next week and leave this Hawaiian paradise life.  You're a real d!ck you know that.

GPS photo array