A Wedding in Hawaii - Welcome Luau Day

We had a welcoming Luau BBQ the day before the wedding.  It was amazing weather, food, drink, and company
we rented the historic John Walker House in Lanikai and it was amazing.  It sleeps about 10 people, has a boathouse in the back and is right on the ocean.  When you walk into that ocean view living room the first few times its like a slap of hyper reality in your face mixed with the feeling of I get to spend 5 days here??!!!
Morning coffee was never so good

you can see Moku Nui and Moku Iki islands in the distance, colloquially called "the moks".  Adventures getting over to them will be had later.

Randomly and not so randomly saw John and Masako at Kailua on the way to get kayaks.  Johnny and I were real a$$holes in college at SUNY Albany 1999-2000 and were roommates and partners in crime.

So I ever since I saw the Moks on the map out in the ocean, months ago, I wanted to kayak to them.  It was my destiny.  Only on the welcome luau day there was stuff to do.  I was supposed to get the kayaks and stand up paddle boards for people to use and then do more stuff.  But I said in my Cartman voice but Jen I really wanna go to the islands.  She said we have a lotta stuff to do and was not happy.  Fast forward a few hours later when the whole process of obtaining the equipment and paddling from Kailua beach to Lanikai beach was finally done and I was paddling for my life for the first of two days that I would be paddling for my life.  

and of course I couldn't get all 3 kayaks and 2 stand up paddle boards back by myself so here comes the motley crew in tow.  Very funny backstory, I went to the misfits cottages and they all said they were down for kayaking over to the house.  Bob and I went to talk to Kailua Beach Adventures (who gave me a very good deal) and they said everyone has to come watch the safety video.  I sent bob a few blocks down to the beach where all the misfits had just gotten into the water or were just about to for the first morning of their Hawaii trips.  Fu said he saw bob running down the street at them and knew he was about to say the worst thing every.  And he did.  He was pointing to himself with both hands and yelling guys guys come on we have to go watch a safety video, everyone has to watch a safety video.  Everyone was p!ssed/sad/disappointed.  We all watched the safety video (but paid no heed to it). and finally got all the crap into the ocean.
I met Sebastiaan and Steven in London, and there's Johnny in the back who was also living in London at the time somehow also.

Look I get all the credit for BBQ'ing.  Actually I only did it for 5 minutes and the Yoo family men did the rest.  Props to all the Yoo family for doing so much

mailed my petanque sets to Hawaii for the $12 priority mail box price because somehow you can mail up to 70 pounds in that medium sized box.  Weight of 12 petanque balls?  only 20 pounds!  You would have to mail a brick of lead for it to weigh 70 pounds.

Yoon has been my buddy all over the world.  we were roommates in 2001 at Yonsei in Korea, and in Harlem

what weather, what atmosphere!

Fu doesn't do stuff like this, he doesn't even wear not all black.  It was crazy for him to be wearing white sneakers.  So I made him roll and he declined and Zachary started yelling at him "DON'T BE RUUUUDE".  "DON'T BE RUUUUUUUUDE".


no photos exist of anyone else grilling

Vivi in the back was my roommate on 53rd street and I went to her wedding in Tokyo and I ran a half marathon with Fumika's family in Mie and we've all been buddies at FIT since I don't know, 2003

the finest photos were taken by Fumika on large format film with an old Yashica camera.

John's wife Masako and Ai who I first met in Korea and then coincidentally lived down the street from me in New York and then lived in Tokyo when I did.