A Wedding in Hawaii - Wedding Night

Steven Hedley the master of finding ergonomic spaces for himself
Chris and Avan
Dance time

first dance, thank god Yoon stepped up to the music and cut the song at an appropriate time because it was getting dragged on and awkward.  And thanks to Yoon for jumping the dance party off and bringing the energy.  Julien also gets a party animal award for being a mobile party everywhere he went.

at one point the sprinklers came on, people ran, John and Masako danced until the got turned off.  Everyone continued dancing barefoot.

Yoon and Celine gave us these Georgian (the country) wine bottle covers 
back at the misfits house Yoon whipped out the laptop for Karaoke with all the spoon and kitchen utensils we could find.

someone got Jen to hula and she knew what she was doing!

Micheal was bliltzed and kept trying to get Bob blitzed.  Bob being bob did not want to oblige and wanted only water.  At the end of the night we would be walking back to our house and get a text from preggers Kelly asking where Michael was.  I said, wait, he's not at your house?  Bob instantly started sprinting and disappeared into the night looking around for him.  After a while I called Kelly back and said we hadn't found him and then she said wait, wait a minute, is that Micheal?  Micheal get out of the street!  Apparently he played the stereotypical Irishman and did the Irish goodbye and went and fell asleep on a bench in neighboring Kailua park.  Hahahhaah

Japanese girls singing/performing UFO

These photos seriously make me LOL and not many photos can do that.  We were seriously 12 people screaming at the top of our lungs in this small cottage in this nice cute residential beach front neighborhood.  Bohemian Rhapsody was our final song and i'm sure the final straw for the guy next door who complained to the realty company who then called the misfits in the morning and kind of just said that this guy complained and you shouldn't do that.  Hahahahahaha.  I would have been furious if I was anyone within a mile radius.  Micaela went to bed earlier and said she could hear us from the other house down the way.

next was another AM swimming session in the Pacific and then the whole looking for Michael thing.

The wedding is over but there are more Hawaiian adventures to come in more posts!  Thanks to all friends and family for all your help and friendship