A Wedding in Hawaii - Wedding Day

The big day.  Although by design it was supposed to be a little day, a big party for everyone.  We were blessed with perfect weather again

after a big breakfast at Cinnamon's in Kailua I ran over to A-1 Barber to get my sides shaved.  They're Vietnamese and she said her daughter used to live in New York and worked on wall street for a while and is now back here.

Rabbit Island on our way to pick up the wedding leis from the florist, who did a great job.
best shave ice on the island is Waiola Store.  Its also where Obama goes.  Its the bomb and in the middle of nowhere it looks like.
shave ice gets its special texture from the machine they use.  It's not like that shave ice that you know from your child hood, it's full of air and fluff and just a great tasty treat on a hot day.
everyone loves it!

wonder what kind of smokin' goes on in there.

day 2 of paddling for my life.  All day we had stuff to do so I couldn't kayak out to the islands.  About an hour and a half before the wedding I was complaining to Jen and she said you should just go do it if it will make you feel better.  So after it growing on me for another half an hour I said F it I might not get a chance so I went out an hour before the wedding.  It was like a movie, a Wes Anderson movie or something.  So many funny metaphors could be taken out of this.  Here it was an hour before the wedding and I was furiously paddling out to sea.  It wasn't the easiest cuz it's a two person kayak.  I made it to the island and lay on the beach for 10 minutes gathering my strength again.  I could faintly see the house across the water.  What if I just stayed on the island?  I imagined Jen's dad on the shore, wringing his hands wanting to wring my neck.  I imagined everyone standing around wondering where I was.  They would think Peter Pan had gone and found a bag of his magic pixie dust.  Half an hour until show time.  I high tailed it back and made it 15 minutes before the wedding, showered and suited up and the rest is history.  Oh and this photo is when i pulled up to the front of the house, my parents, and aunts, and john and masako were standing there and I said "well, I came back so I guess it's still on".  No one laughed. No one was having an internal monolog with themselves 15 minutes before their wedding on a small island.  I wish though that bob would have been on the shore yelling at me.

A scene that I personally didn't see but it looks like accessories selection time with the girls.

after we came down the steps we saw that everyone had been standing around waiting with no drinks or anything.  Someone's getting fired  (Bob?)

Mel my oldest friend there since 1999 at SUNY Albany when I saw her yelling at her mom at the registrars office a week before school started 
they got a daughter in law out of it

I ordered this Hibiscus fabric from www.barkclothhawaii.com on Oahu and Varun at www.borntotailor.com made it into a 3 piece shorts suit.

my beautiful bride.  she's wearing a Haku Lei and a dress by Self Portrait.  At least 4 dresses came in and out of our apartment in the last few months and she finally found an amazing one.

I'm wearing a Maile Lei with tuberose

their family friend Vince did the ceremony.  White Sandy Beach of Hawai'i by Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole played (a heart strings tugging beautiful song).
we did it!

Steven's caption was, I knight thee sir Bobbles of Pineapple Cove.

unfortunately they got this son in law 


the two families

the friends

Thanks Vince and Lisa!

our matchmaker Melissa.  I've known Mel since 1999.  I went off around the world and Jen and Mel worked together and became friends.  Jen came with mel once when I was living in London and I met her there.  A few years later I came from Paris for Mel's wedding and prosecco and magic put us together ever since.  Apparently in Korean tradition we are supposed to buy mel a suit now (because usually it was a man that did the matchmaking).

my misfit friends (and Jen)
trying to see things from her perpective

when we went to get this marriage license we had to put in our professions.  They had visible drop-down menus so you could see, interior designer, information clerk, but not illustrator.  I am the first Illustrator ever to get married in Hawaii.  The lady was very aloha and laughing and said well some people just use different names (like I was being an uptight little snob calling myself an illustrator).  What's an illustrator anyway? 

This was written by Thea, who is a professional copywriter:  

A summit of flawless style and effortless elegance, the bride (in a tiered lace Self Portrait dress) and the groom (in a custom, hibiscus-print shorts suit) wed in a sunset ceremony at the historic Walker House in Kailua surrounded by an intimate group of family and friends. Guests enjoyed guava cocktails and wine, barefoot lawn dancing, ahi tuna and coconut cake, midnight laptop karaoke, and a pre-dawn swim in the Pacific. To say the experience was enchanting (not to mention pinterest.com perfect) would a gross understatement. Congratulations on your charmed union, Jen and Jason, and mahalo for sharing these myriad magical moments with me.

How beautiful is that?

well today got to marry my best friend so it was a good day.