A Wedding in Hawaii - Free Day

we decided to go to Koko Head and climb it because Jen said its a must do and awesome.  Only thing is was got going so late that we hit the mountain at noon, the hottest time of day.
Cockroach Cove on the way.

surfing rashes of fire, kayaking on coral, at this point steven said if he can go one day without getting injured that would be great.  Seconds later I told him jumping off that thing looks fun I just saw some kids do it.  A minute later he jumped off, hurt his foot cuz it's so shallow and said if he had waited just 3 second later he would have heard the person before him pop up and say ouch damn that's shallow.  Hahahahaha
the start.  It used to be a tramway.  Chris did not look so happy at the end of this super sweaty needlessly difficult hot hike.  It's basically doing lunges for half an hour going up those railroad ties.

shooting range.  most scenic in the world?

view from the top.  Worth it?  I don't know.  Definitely not at the hottest time of the day.  Seriously sweaty as balls.

beer and lots and lots of raw fish thanks to kelly and micheal for picking it up
petanque playing and being amazed at the many kinds of stuff that grows out of other stuff in Hawaii

Met up with Jen's College friends from when she went to school here at Mai Tai bar in the Ala Moana center.  Justin Chon happened to be in Hawaii at the time too.  There were a lot of huuuuuuuuge guys here and only a few of them were bouncers, the rest were just, Hawaiian.  Fu said it's bouncer island, the island produces lots of bouncers.
Justin made a timelapse 360 degree contraption out of a timer from ikea.  good idea i'm gonna steal that.
after everyone bounced out Steven said he wanted to see a real Hawaiian bar so we went in search of it around Chinatown.  we peeked in to a few places and it was the same not knowing how to judge if a place is normal or sketchy or not so then we just ended up at Smith's Union Bar, the oldest bar on Oahu.  And unbeknownst to us also really racist

example 1, it's already horrible that foreigners, including the US Navy took Hawaii but then they have to deal with this too.

also this is really bad.  Smith's Union Bar in Chinatown We Speak Engrish.  There was pearl harbor and military stuff hanging all over the place so i'm betting the proprietor was a military guy and got dropped into the middle of a lot of cultures by the military and just stayed in Hawaii with his racist ways and set up a bar.  The bar was filled with weirdos singing Karaoke, bars in Hawaii are bizarre (only went to 2 though).

the 3 of us made a pact to wake up at like 4:30am to climb to the top of the Lanikai pill boxes just behind our house for sunrise.  Only 3 would make it.  Our Lyft driver home was from Hawaiikai, Jen's old neighborhood and we talked to him about Hawaiian independence and all that.