A Wedding in Hawaii - The End...For Now

so we got up at 4:30 and met up with Kelly and Micheal.  Kelly is very pregnant and wearing flip flops.  It's really dark.  we start walking down one street where we think the entrance to get to the pill boxes is and a guy says out the window in the darkness says "the entrance is over there".  We say sorry and it is over there.  Another weird wes anderson like moment, as if Jason Schwartzman was in the window all annoyed at us.  I would be too if i had people tryin to get to the pill boxes every day at 4 am waking me up.
when they say hiking in Hawaii they mean business.  It wasn't the easiest at all to get to the pill boxes, especially at night.  I thought there was no way a pregnant Kelly in flip flops would make it, no way.  But she did!

Kelly and Micheal are somewhere at that 1st pill box.

by this point there are more and more people coming up here, so it was nice to be up here when there were only a few.

after breakfast and clearing out the house and checking out I went with Steven and Bob to the north shore.  On the way we had to try this famous dole pineapple soft serve ice cream.  It's super sweet and not my thing.  I was also super exhausted and 2 weeks in Hawaii finally caught up with me.  I was garbage all day.  Like soooooooooo tired.

Steven Hedley, the master of finding ergonomic spaces for himself

more Giovanni's Shrimp truck.
#jasonloveyoo hashtag on their truck, which is the wrong hashtag, you're fired bob.  It's #yoolovejason
who knew pineapples grew like this?

jumbo garlic chicken musubi.  really wanted it but went classic.
gecko on the garbage can

there are chickens everywhere in Hawaii, this one just just takin a dirt bath
we finally make it to the north shore and everybody is surfin'
except for the modern wizard Steven Hedley.  "Somebody's ready for a swim" - anonymous beach heckler.  
the gentle sub-tide was coming up really high so Stevie had to stand wayyyy back on the beach so everyone could make fun of him
Jen's dad got us a room at the super nice Kahala for our last night in Hawaii.
we ate at Alan Wong's, the best restaurant in Hawaii they say.  Good stuff and wasn't that expensive.  We did a butter tasting too
so they have dolphins and sea turtles and other sea life at the hotel.  The space the animals have is so small though.  For the turtles it is apparently small, they have almost no room or water.  The dolphins just swim around at night clamping their jaws down making a weird slapping sound.  Its sad.

dolphins are also weird.  Is he looking at me with rapey eyes or just the normal if i had legs i would kill you for incarcerating me in this small tank eyes? (dolphins are known to rape)

our last 10 minutes in Hawaii at ala moana beach before driving to the airport.

so that's it for Hawaii, for now.  It's forever ruined for me because how is it ever going to top that?  I spent two mostly carefree weeks here with my best friends and fam and got married!  I'll be back though and maybe it will be cool because I won't have to worry about being here or there or having to allocate myself to different groups of people.  I know I didn't put in that much time with my family and Jen's family and I feel bad about that.  So my closing thoughts about Hawai'i:  I don't think I could live here at this point in my life while i'm still trying to hustle and accomplish stuff and need the energy that NYC has.  Later on maybe I could.  I don't see Honolulu having that metropolitan buzz that I like about NYC and Tokyo.  I guess it's the closest to being another country whilst within America because of the culture being and island and having a history of Hawaiian culture.  I haven't spent enough time in Hawaii to be able to read it and the people and know what's safe/cool/not cool/nice/classy/etc...  Also there are a ton of Japanese people and Japanese tourists.  It seemed like half of the tourism industry was allocated for the Japanese.  It also seems like Japanese immigrants did really well because I saw the names of a lot of buildings and stuff bearing Japanese names.  Japanese culture is seen everywhere here especially in the food.  I love Japan so this adds a point for Hawaii.  Well I'll be back for more!