A Wedding in Hawaii - Back on Oahu

back on Oahu
tiny crescent island with boats probably eating raw fish and having an awesome time.

saw this in the bathroom somewhere.  Didn't know this was a problem.
first task was to go get our marriage license. Jen's mom scolded her/us for not standing outside and bowing until their car was gone.  This might have been because her two aunts were in the car also.  This is honorific Korean protocol.  So for example her parents dropped off her aunts car to us while they picked up her dad's friend's car.  By protocol we had to stay sitting in our car and couldn't pull out until their car pulled out.  
Shark diving but didn't see any sharks, got a refund.

the only sea life we saw.  so sad

afterwards we got bob to pick up shrimp truck food at Giavonni's

the #yoolovejason hashtag was the social media hashtag for the wedding and environ.  To future people, it is 2016 and instagram and hashtagging is what peeps do.
we saw this emerge from under the bridge whilst eating shrimp.  It looks like a scene from like the Warriors or something, only it's tourists on stand up paddle boards.
we went to a dinner with Jen's parents friends and co-workers at a chinese restaurant.  The Kama'aina discount is the locals discount and you see it all over the place.  
Steven and I took a surf lesson at Waikiki beach.  The waves were super small and super easy to surf, you could ride it out until there was no more wave and you were just standing floating on a board.  There were also lots of swimmers/waders/surf lesson people to avoid.  It's super easy when you have a surf instructor pushing you into waves to you get that initial velocity.  But when there is no instructor your feeble arms and inexperience make it hard to catch those tiny waikiki waves.  I got a couple finally on my own but the waves are so small and too easy.  Also I see why board shorts are a thing.  my thighs were rubbed RAW.  the tops of my feet were too.
so after decided finally to rent a car we extracted most of my friends from the airport.  While we were at the family dinner they went to eat in the rain at some place 
you guys has anyone seen miceala?
the very first night

This is Micaela's photo from Costco in Maui but it just shows how much SPAM is loved in hawaii.