A Wedding in Hawaii - After

bunch of jen's friends went on the same shark diving thing and saw sharks.
Jen's mom made Samgyetang Korean ginseng chicken, chickens filled with sweet rice, and dates and other good stuff.  It's good for hangovers.  Her aunt made kim chi too.
gettin' Van Der Slather'd  up.

Van Der Slather from Jason Raish on Vimeo.

Me and Van Der Kock got in a kayak, Steven took a stand up paddle board and Miceala and Fumika took a kayak.  We couldn't find water so we put a bunch of juices in our dry bags.  I had a bluetooth speaker in mine too pumpin' out tunes and all was good and we were in high spirits.  Makin' jokes, making Steven try to be extreme and balance on his board on one foot and then fall off (see hilarious video).

XXXtreme paddle boarding from Jason Raish on Vimeo.

we were just strokin' havin a great time.
Strokin' to the Moks from Jason Raish on Vimeo.

until disaster struck, a disaster totally of our making.  We did exactly what the safety video told us not to do and headed directly for the island in a straight line which is bad because there is a reef 75% of the way there and the video warned of large random waves caused by this reef.  Well we got flipped which would be fine but then there is nothing but coral, razor sharp coral everywhere.  the water was so shallow but to swim to our kayak to flip it over required just scrapping on top of coral to get to it.  Waves kept coming and washing our kayak further and further away.  I finally was able to swim to the kayak and flip it, which was pretty hard after fighting the ocean.  Once in the kayak we just got flipped again by the relentless waves and the kayak got even further.  Me and Van Der Kock looked at each other for a brief moment with that look, like the look that we are gonna die in the eyes.  It sounds a little dramatic but in the moment when you're just getting cut on coral and waves keep washing over you its kind of terrifying.  Somehow Micaela and Fumika made it.  They are not dumbasses.  We weren't even gonna wear life vests because Lanikai has no waves at all and the perceived danger was 0.  Steven followed right behind us and got what we got.  I see why dry bags are a thing and putting your phone in a ziplock bag isn't enough (luckily we had a dry bag although I just wanted to  put my stuff in a ziplock).  I also already know the ocean is not to be trifled with since being slightly tramautized by getting rolled by waves as a kid.  Lesson re-learned.  Once we got to the island some kayak bro was chiding us.  We started bleeding

Van Der Kock
after gathering our wits we had to get off the island, that has waves coming at it from multiple sides like a triangle, making it harder than just gettin' out there.  Once past the threat zone in calm waters we al laughed and recounted the event and tied our kayaks together and drank juice and wished it was beer and had an aqua dance party, colloquially called "Aqua Party" in the pages of our friendship book, forged on the unforgiving razor coral of Lanikai (funny cuz its the tamest beach around). 
Gettin' Juicyyyyyyy from Jason Raish on Vimeo.

Aqua Dance Party from Jason Raish on Vimeo.

the broken heroes (dumbasses) return home.  People were frolicking on the beach and didn't know of the near death experience and then awesome aqua party we just had.

this lady's gross dog wandered in and she eventually came and found it.  Gross I didn't want it anywhere near my open wounds.

apparently there's some weird infection you can get from coral so everyone was paranoid.
we went to Kealoha in Kailua, it was great food and the most local feeling place I'd been to.

their beef stew and squid luau were awesome too.

guess which is men's and which is women's.  bob guessed wrong.
a sweet boy and a chouffe (Belgian for gnome) in the backseat of Kelly and Micheal's rental car on the way back from a bar.  Bars in Hawaii are weird, I don't know how to read them or the crowd inside.  Am I going to get punched or is it normal?  
everyone got a kick out of this art on the walls of the misfits houses.

Steven's foot.  So our disaster was totally avoidable if we had only done what the safety video said not to do.