Fab Feb

seen in K-town

bottling night

how many dumba$$es does it take to screw in a light bulb?

answer:  3.  This was a siphoning test run.  in the end I don't think we even need to siphon next time, we could just poor directly into a funnel.

ready to be bottled.

all that effort ended up making 3 liters (6 pints).

Avan Lam

a scorpion bowl at Zombie Hut

did you say you wanted McDonald's and 2.25 liters of sh!tty tequila?  The booze was gifted to Jonathan Bartlett's studio mates and I helped him move so I got it cuz no one wanted it, i don't even want it.

art deco details in a building around grand central station

the ceiling in campbell apartment inside grand central station for a birthday drink before dinner at Battersby

because of police action at grand central.  we got outta there real quick

a sampling of Japanese year of the monkey post cards from friends.

had an illo in the SUNDAY new york times for the first time.

at mel's event for the Otte stores at the highline hotel during new york fashion week

Karaoke at Sing Sing

Will visited NYC

bad ideas in a row

chicken pot pie made with love.  except that horrible crimping, that was made with good intentions that remained only good intentions.