Snowzilla - Part 2

we lived to see the morning
steven went to target to find a sled or something to sled on, he sent me this photo and i said that's not gonna work.  next he sent me a photo of a 12" frying pan.  

I saw this when I was out buying a sled.  Later we saw another one of these discarded at the top of a hill.  Blizzards seem to be an economic strong point for the manufacturers of plastic goods that resemble the shape of a sled or saucer if you squint your eyes at it.  There were the discarded and broken carcasses of many a sled all over the park.  You can add the one I bought to the pile for $10 also.  When I was a kid sleds were'nt $10 pieces of sh!t that broke after a few uses.  Then again I wasn't a full grown adult
prospect park was filled

a full out toboggan

after not getting thrills from the normal hills we happened upon this flight of 4 sets of stairs that curve around at the bottom with huge rocks lining the left wall that are unavoidable in a saucer.  we both got 2 runs in before the saucer broke in half.  On one run the saucer slipped out just as my bum connected with the rock at the bottom.

as far as I know we are awesome.  As far as I know we did the most xxxxxtreme sledding in all of Prospect Park yesterday.  When you're at the top of the stairs it does look a little nuts

the moment where things got 2 XTReme.  Steven broke 2 saucers that day actually.

we rounded the bend holding the 2 fragments of our saucer (FYI yes we were like two Kindergarten buddies sharing a sled and wondering around in the snow looking for fun and adventure) and saw this pristine unbroken saucer out on the ice of the boathouse pond.  It was so close yet so far.  We tried a few things but 5 dumbasses later and the saucer still sits out on that lake.

someone made a very descriptive sledding map of prospect park and we think this is what they were saying was the "ultimate run in the entire park".  It was the steepest but short lived and not dangerous.  I would say that staircase deep in the forest of the park is the ultimate.  After 2 beers at a pub I was in the burmuda triangle of transportation so I had to walk home in the snow for an hour with a sore body and bum.