New Year New York

new year new york.  It's been pretty uneventful and luckily filled with work
flashback to the last night of 2015.  The start of a very very bad idea.  2016 started with a level 9 hangover
New Year's day I somehow mustered the strength to go see the Hateful Eight 70mm roadshow screening only to find that i was all sold out.  I then had to watch star wars episode 7 again because the Revenant was sold out.  much to bob's delight

The hateful one going to see the hateful eight.  I tricked jen into dressing up like this and then she realized this is what everyone wears in the movie

WXOU Radio bar in west village

The burger at Corner Bistro has been on the best burger lists forever so we finally tried it.  It's decent and the only burger that's under $10 on these lists.  Would I go back and wait again to eat this?  No, but it's a perfectly acceptable burger

stuff keeps rippin out of our walls even with appropriate anchors

Chris's new whip

the frunk

The poor souls that have to traverse Grand Central Station

are things getting out of hand or is this awesome?  2 famous pizza places from new york now in your grocers fridge section

feeling deflated after xmas?