San Francisco - Part 1

The Yoo family meets in San Francisco for a California Thanksgiving.  Jen and I flew into San Diego and met Phil and Stacy and we drove up 8 hours to San Francisco along I-5.  On the way back we did the Pacific Coast Highway.

somewhere along they way there was this huge cattle thingy and the smell seeped into the car for miles.  

the next morning I had ambitious plans.  I woke up early to go to blue bottle coffee (its from SF) and after having way too much caffeine I ran to the bus from the Nikko Hotel we were staying at.  
The bus ended up costing something like $4.50 because it was going outside of San Francisco.  It would be too many miles for me to run from the hotel, across the bridge, and back so I took the bus over the bridge and ran it back to the hotel.  All told it was a 5 mile run and then another 7+ miles walking back to the hotel.  I would have ran the whole thing but I knew I had a day of walking ahead of me.

first stop over the bridge is here.
I ran by police horse stables and other cool stuff.

I had to go up and down Russian Hill to get back to the hotel

whirring sound coming from underneath the cable car tracks actually is cable being pulled along we would find out soon enough.
we had dim sum (yum cha) at Lai Hong Lounge in Chinatown and it was good stuff.  No carts though
at the cable car museum close by.  General Electric motors.

4 pulley systems pull the 4 cable car lines.

was working on a San Francisco earthquake project for Scholastic at the time actually

so this is what it's like riding a cable car, it's full of sh!theads and someone's sh!thead is always in your way and so is yours.

alcatraz in the background and Ghiradelli (the chocolate makers) square at the bottom

I broke off from the fam to go meet Kelly Koo from my study abroad days.  She said San Fran is like manhattan and Oakland is like brooklyn so we went out there.  funny how she lives next door to here....  This place is colloquially known as beeryland and actually named something else.

a place that used to be an auto garage or something

kelly and micheal 

cafe van kleef
train over the bridge to sf.  I can also add how my knees were destroyed after so much running and walking and then on the train to oakland there was some guy running on the tracks and through the tunnel so the train was stuck there while police tried to get the guy and we had no seats so i was standing for a while.  Cool story.  SF has a BIG homeless problem