Pacific Coast Highway

We drove from Sonoma back to San Diego down the Pacific Coast Highway aka California State route 1
The Russian River Brewery is a beer nerd's beer maker.  People were waiting in line for their doors to open at 11am on a weekday.

Their double IPA Pliny the Elder is their most sought after and people were leaving with cases of it.

drove through San Francisco and stopped at the painted ladies

Bixby Creek Bridge

Jules Pfeiffer Burns state park

purple sand beach

time marches on

Big Sur is a stretch of the coast.  Mcway falls spills out onto the beach

these poofy grass things are an invasive species

up on the rock where the stream turns into falls

literally chasing sunsets for a few days.

We stayed in Solvang, which was settled in 1911 by a bunch of Danes.  The whole town has Danish architecture and felt like Christmas village all year round.  The Queen of Denmark and other royalty have visited Solvang several times.

we stopped by Santa Barbara and I didnt see anything that stood out or a reason to go back.

lots of beer nerd beers were consumed on this trip


Anonymous said...

It is great to see that you are still updating this blog and I can catch-up with you and your life. I hope you have a super great Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year.

Richard (FIT Library Tech)